Neptune & Jerome Da Chef - Hurt Enough

Дебютный сингл альтер-эго Porchy - Neptune при участии Jerome Da Chef "Hurt Enough".

Instrumental: Klimeks - Sine
Visuals By: Porchy
Mix: By Porchy

Слова песни (Lyrics):

Jump off these cliffs into coma, wake up drunk in Angola
success is the aroma, aroma
I'm in the pit enchanting cobras, this ice ain’t getting colder
she melts when I get closer, closer
No it don’t hurt enough

Sharpen your blade, wash up your face
look in the mirror and gaze
It don’t hurt enough

gravediggers pree this life hope we die
so they can write about it, no!

No shipwrecks where I float, warning signs
as I enter my stove, lava and gold,
shaman my soul, hatred is under my sole

oh bro
understand "stand under oaf"
i’m on my own but I'm not alone
I'm in the zone
I'm in the zone

I love her so much that it bloats, grows,
anticipation on my toes,
when I'm in her throat, so deep,
feed her chromosomes and dopamine
don’t answer my phone
still on the road
still on the curb
came from the dirt
you wasn't concerned
don’t get on my nerves.

Jerome da chef:
what a way to be living
who throwing shade cause we ducking demons
we cut and leave them, she catching feelings
girl get the seasoning

you know we ride this wave,
I keep repeating, we steady seeking
who still believe in me, still gonna be with me
get it easily, yeah we ride the wave
I'm in my space no can push me down

Who want to see things tuple
watch your hustle, try pree this and find some trouble
and no it don’t hurt enough I need double
and yeah we some dirty dogs with no muzzles
I saw the jig it don’t fit the puzzle,
can't hop the pond because it ain't a puddle.
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